"It's very hard in the beginning to understand that the whole idea is not to beat other runners. Eventually you learn that the competition is against the little voice inside you that wants you to quit."
-George Sheehan

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Daily Mile & Lift

Monday I kicked ass on an early morning five mile run up Viscounti. Then I hit the gym and did legs.  Jeff tagged along to the gym as my personal motivator and pushed me to do an awesome leg workout that I am still feeling two days later!  

Leg extensions
Hamstring curls
Leg press
Standing calf raise
Donkey calf raise

That five o'clock alarm sure comes quick!  But, I do love that early morning peacefulness.  
Run complete. My furry bud and I. (FARF?)
5 miles
9:51 average pace!!!

Lap 1
2.5 miles
11:19 average pace

Lap 2
2.5 miles
8:23 average pace!!!  Did someone call me Mo?

Proof!  BOOM!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Daily Mile & Lift (times five)

This week has been filled with a lot of wonderful runs.  Not only did I get to run with a new friend, I had the pleasure of being accompanied by my other half on three runs this week!  Jeff decided that he wanted to try a taste of my world and joined me for a few short jaunts this week!  What a stud!  Plus, we did the usual heavy lifting together.  

Monday was chest day, although I took it really easy since I was still sore from Bosho on Saturday.  Tuesday Jeff and I did the one and a half mile loop in our neighborhood together.  My legs felt really good after this and I knew I was ready to run again.  Wednesday was twelve plus miles of fun with my NARF (New Adventure Running Friend.) Thursday Jeff and I ran 2.54 miles at Crestwood Park and then hit the weights for a killer back workout.  Then, this morning he joined me yet again for 3 miles at Crestwood.  He'd better look out, I may turn him into a trail runner!

Some of my favorite things.  I know you may not recognize me since I'm not wearing anything fluorescent, but I promise, it's me!
1.5 miles
11:33 average pace

2.54 miles
11:21 average pace

3.01 miles
12:14 average pace

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Mountain View Trail

I was thrilled to be able to meet my new runner friend, and all around great lady, Kristyan today for a run on Antelope Island.  We mostly did the Mountain View Trail, but had to make a detour because of a herd of buffalo that just didn't want to let us by.  It was the perfect post race run, mellow and fun!  Thanks for going with me Kristyan!

Good morning Antelope Island!

Mule deer on the run!
See those large black lumps?  Those are our new friends, Earl and company.

There were at least five of them and once they all turned to look at us and started sauntering our we, we decided it was time to find a new trail!

We stopped to make this cairn along the way.  

We were in matching colorful duds!

We're so cute!

12.22 miles
12:16 average pace

Badass Bosho

Last year I ran 12 miles of the Bosho Marathon course with Katherine and Lindsay.  On a bit of a whim Lindsay and I had mentioned to each other that we each wanted to run the whole thing this year.  Little did I know what I was getting myself into.  This course is H.A.R.D.  Brutally so.  I mean, look at this elevation chart from my Garmin.  Those climbs are no joke.

 We started at 6am and headed off into the darkness.  Laurie, Lindsay and I ran the six  or so miles together and despite the plan to all run together I found myself pulling ahead of the other ladies.  Half way up that first ascent I could no longer see them and just decided that I should do my own thing.  That first climb to 6,406' is appropriately named Uncle Fucker.  It was a beast.  I felt really good climbing it and sang along to some music and chatted with a few ladies on my way to the top.

The next climb wasn't as bad, and got to run along and chat with Aaron (trail and ultra friend, and husband of my friend Kristyan) for a bit before his fast self took off.  Then there was one more big huff up to Meridian Peak.  That was actually the hardest climb of all because I was already tired and lots of the 7am start (read fast runners that would start an hour after me and finish an hour before me) runners began passing me like I was standing still!  I had had some bad intestinal cramping a little earlier on, but by the time I got to Meridian Peak it was horrible and every (very steep) downhill step was like a knife stabbing my guts.

I finally pulled it together for my climb out of dry creek and managed to slog, tired and feeling pretty crappy.  I had been trying some new running fuel, Tailwind, and had not had enough water to go along with it, so on the climb out of dry creek I was parched and feeling a little funny in the head.  Once I finally made it back to the aid station the wonderful volunteers filled my pack with ice water, gave me ginger ale and ice to chew on and stick in my clothes (did I mention it was pretty warm and sunny?)  and I sat in a chair for just a couple minutes.  I was totally renewed and able to run most of the rest of the course.

I came in at 7:03 realizing that not only did this race take me a half an hour longer than my last 50k, Antelope Island 50k, but it was a lot harder than my last 50k!  Afterward I felt pretty great.  Tired, but really proud that even though I hardly trained for it, I ran this super tough marathon and finished!  Laurie came in about a half an hour after me, congratulations Laurie!  And Lindsay ended up dropping at around 20.5 miles due to some tummy trouble.  All in all, all of us worked damn hard out there!  I am so glad I did this race!  What an amazing confidence boost!

26.6 miles
15:54 average pace
To see all the photos take a look at this post:  Bosho Marathon Photos.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Bosho Marathon Photos

Bosho was an ass kicker!  Harder than my last 50k!  I'm so wiped out that I can't even give a proper race report.  For now, photos.  Later, race report!

Looks like a mountain lion had a nice breakfast on the trail.  Luckily it wasn't bloody!

This giant climb, we came from the very bottom and still aren't at the top, is appropriately named, "Uncle Fucker."

A cairn!  Too bad it's fuzzy.  I was trying not to stop moving!

14.2 miles in and still feeling great!
Oh boy!  Another climb!

See those tiny specs on the ridge?  That's where we're going.  To the top!
Curses! The climb to the top of Meridian was a bitch! #trailandultra
The top!  Again.  Finally.
Really?  Another climb.  Sounds like great fun!
Done and done!  Laurie finished maybe about fifteen minutes after me.  Way to go, Laurie!
26.6 miles
15:54 average pace 

Thank to Aaron Williams for snapping these fun pictures!

Aaron ran with me for like five minutes and then went on to finish about two hours ahead of me!  And put some clothes on for crying out loud!  I mean really?  Who runs nekkid?
 Just finished!
 Happy to be done!

 Reppin' the #trailandultra and #ultrachat hats!  TrailAndUltraRunning.com