"It's very hard in the beginning to understand that the whole idea is not to beat other runners. Eventually you learn that the competition is against the little voice inside you that wants you to quit."
-George Sheehan

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Bells, Round 2

After our first run torturous slog up Bells Canyon, Kurtis and I were much more prepared. We started earlier, brought more food, more water and most importantly we knew what we had ahead of us.  This time we flew up the canyon chatting and enjoying the sights.  After the second mile, the trail turns to some of the most beautiful scenery I've ever seen in my life.  Seriously.  The pictures just barely do it justice.  We were at the upper lake before we knew it!  Not only did we cover more mileage this time, we did it in less time!  It was a fantastic day on the mountain!

The moon was full at the start of our journey.
 This kid.  I wonder where he gets it?

 Climbing up this boulder field makes you feel pretty powerful.  Plus, generally speaking, I'm pretty goofy like that.

 Being able to see across to all the other canyons is really really amazing!

 Upper Bells Canyon Reservoir. 

 You can see the dam that was built I don't know how long ago.

 We got to the upper reservoir just in time to watch the sunrise over the mountains.  It was breathtaking!

 I recently bought this Lifestraw, so we thought we'd take it for a test drive.  The water was delicious and nobody got the trots, so I'm calling it a good investment!

 Yes, this man is my son.  Yes, I birthed him.  No, I wasn't a teenager when he was born.  But, thanks.

 I'm going to have to get this boy some gaiters!

9.06 miles
34:46 average pace (and yes, I'm still calling it a run because we ran every possible runnable section, that just happened to be very little)


My BARF is back!  Katherine was gone all summer and I was so sad and lonely!  We didn't wait long for an adventure in the mountains!  White Pine Lake was calling our names.  So of course, we went!  Man oh man, I missed this girl!!!

 I got some new endurance fuel to try.  The jury is still out.  I'll have to try again on a longer run!

 A marmot!

 So happy this girl is back!!!

 Hey, we got high!

And because we are just that goofy!

We went about 9 miles in just under three hours.  It was nothing if it wasn't fun!