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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Speedwork & Bodybuilding

So, I've just about given up the blog.  Between actually running and lifting, working, TrailAndUltraRunning.com work, housework, cooking and the kids I just plain don't have time any more.  But, don't worry, I'm still out there enjoying every day! 

What's going on?  Well, after my knees were bothering me even more I finally went back to the orthopedic.  Here's what I learned after some xrays and a running gait evaluation:
I have arthritis in my knees and that I have pretty good form, but need to
a) speed up to decrease time on feet and not run so horizontally, therefore decreasing impact
b) turn my right foot in a bit
c) increase my stride rate
d) strengthen my glutes and hips

So I started doing speed intervals and am continuing to lift more.  Yes, this means I'm taking a break from distance running at the moment, BUT...

Jeff made me an appointment with his coach, Jerry and after meeting him, I made a huge decision.  Monday was day one of training for my first figure competition.  Ever since Jeff did his first bodybuilding competition in October, I've been toying with the idea.  Now, the fact that I'm going to focus on intervals and strength training, it is a perfect fit.  I will be aiming for a competition in June.

Last Saturday we did a body assessment and here is where I stand: 140lbs, 20% body fat and ready to rock and roll! 

And just to clear things up, yes, I'm entering a bodybuilding competition, but no I won't look like this...
This is Iris Kyle, 10 (plus?) time Ms. Olympia winner.  She competes in the bodybuilding class.  I will be competing in figure class, which looks more like this...
This is Candice Keene Figure Competitor and IFBB pro.  Of course, she is a professional and I can only dream of her rockin' body, but you get the gist. 

So, wish me luck and I'll try to pop in now and again and let you know how my journey is going!  If you're on Instagram and care to follow, I'm at @reneeyeoman.