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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Daily Mile & Lift

Well, I'm back at it in full swing!  I'm not really training for anything (even though I'm signed up for Mid Mountain Marathon on September 13th) but just back to my running life as usual.  I've yet to run farther than three miles, but I want to make sure I'm feeling 100% solid before I go venturing out on some long adventure. 
Monday I ran three miles at Crestwood Park where I saw two different foxes!  One took off like a bat out of hell, but the other just hung out in the field watching me and Ozzy, my dog. Then I trained chest and hips (yes, I know strange combo) at the gym with Jeff. 
Today I got up early for leg day after visiting the physical therapist and having him tell me my quads are so dominant that they spill over the sides of my legs.  Hello hamstrings!  Straight leg dead lifts and leg curls, check!
Maybe tomorrow I'll get wild and try four miles!

3 miles
11:10 average pace 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Memorial Cove

There is this fun little cove in Corner Canyon that I've been wanted to take my girls to. It's an out and back 1.5 mile hike round trip.  When you get to Memorial Cove there is a super cool teepee made out of tree limbs.  It's quiet and shady and just right for little legs.  My son even agreed to come along with us, so we had the whole gang, minus my husband.  My girls were itching to hike ever since we got them new hydration packs last weekend.  It was super fun and even my youngest is starting to really enjoy hiking up!  We hiked up and then rested at Memorial Cove before running down!  Fun, fun!

My gang!

Miniature mountain wranglers!

Yes, that large man is my child.  *sigh*  Yes, I'm older than you think.

Look at that little beauty!  When she put on her pack and visor she said, "I'm like a mini Mom!"  Heart.  Melted!

I wonder where she gets it?

I made those people!

Even if my kids don't grow up to be trail runners, I hope that I've given them a love of the outdoors and the mountains!  

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Voluntering: Speedgoat 2014

I was thrilled to be able to volunteer at the Speedgoat 50k tunnel aid station again this year.  I saw many many familiar faces out there.  I am inspired by every single person who ran.  This is such an amazingly difficult course.  I can't even fathom how tough it must be.  Of course, I'm thinking about signing up next year. 

 Larry's Hole volunteers heading down to their aid station.
 Kurtis, my accomplice who everyone was shocked to find out is my teenage son! (No, I wasn't a teen when he was born!)

 Wasatch Mountain Wranglers, the Williams brothers, Aaron and Matt.

 Hmmm, Closed!  Danger!  RUN THIS WAY!

 My son, who had fun and did a great job helping at the aid station. 

 Here comes Sage Canaday, who was in the lead and kept the lead to finish in 5:12!  Spectacular!

 Paul Hamilton, second place winner.
 Anna Frost, women's winner.
 Hal Koerner.
 It's fun meeting internet runner friends in the flesh.  Neil Galvez speeding along.

 Bob.  I don't actually know Bob's last name, but he's at pretty much every local race I go to.  Good job, Bob!

 Kurtis in his stunna shades!

 Welcome to the tunnel aid station!

 Ellie Greenwood!  I was so excited!

 One of the volunteers brought whiskey.  There were a surprising about of takers!
 Bob, coming through the tunnel.

 Ultra beer for an Ultra race!  Coincidence?
 Neil, ready to finish the race!

 Local speedster and Wasatch Mountain Wrangler, Leslie Howlett.

 Missy bringing food to the volunteers.  Good thing I brought my chicken and hummus!

 Come to think of it, I only know this guy by his Instagram name, @itsrunnable! 
 Another Wasatch Mountain Wrangler, Stephen Jones, enjoying the whiskey!

 Kenzie Barlow: Wasatch Mountain Wrangler, awesome trail runner, total inspiration!  Look at that beautiful smile!
 Ernie, one of the volunteers, and a local runner who goes by the name of Turd'l. 
I saw many more familiar faces, but didn't have time to photograph them all.  Great job out there runners!  You are an inspiration!