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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Family Reunion Hike OR You're Going to Kill Them!

This past weekend, my husband's family came from all around the country for a family reunion in Park City.  Lucky us, we had by far the shortest and easiest travel and I was just as pleased with going to Park City as I would be going just about anywhere.  Of course, I had to get a little hiking in and so I invited all who wanted to join.  Surprisingly, I had four takers at 5:30am! My husband, Jeff, upon hearing I was taking his family for a hike/trail run said to me, "You're going to kill them!" C'mon Jeff, give me some credit, I'll take it easy on them! 

As close as we are to Park City, I haven't spent much time on the trails there.  It's hard to add the travel time, when I have equally awesome trails on our side of the range.  We headed out on our hike (with a teeny bit of running) and just explored.  We split into two groups and kind of just wandered the trails.  It was gorgeous and I enjoyed the company.  I'm really looking forward to Mid Mountain Marathon in September!

Me, Abby (cousin) and Paul (Father in law) stop for the obligatory trailfie!

We did it!  (And no one died!)

3.5 miles
Just over an hour

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