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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Speedwork & Bodybuilding

So, I've just about given up the blog.  Between actually running and lifting, working, TrailAndUltraRunning.com work, housework, cooking and the kids I just plain don't have time any more.  But, don't worry, I'm still out there enjoying every day! 

What's going on?  Well, after my knees were bothering me even more I finally went back to the orthopedic.  Here's what I learned after some xrays and a running gait evaluation:
I have arthritis in my knees and that I have pretty good form, but need to
a) speed up to decrease time on feet and not run so horizontally, therefore decreasing impact
b) turn my right foot in a bit
c) increase my stride rate
d) strengthen my glutes and hips

So I started doing speed intervals and am continuing to lift more.  Yes, this means I'm taking a break from distance running at the moment, BUT...

Jeff made me an appointment with his coach, Jerry and after meeting him, I made a huge decision.  Monday was day one of training for my first figure competition.  Ever since Jeff did his first bodybuilding competition in October, I've been toying with the idea.  Now, the fact that I'm going to focus on intervals and strength training, it is a perfect fit.  I will be aiming for a competition in June.

Last Saturday we did a body assessment and here is where I stand: 140lbs, 20% body fat and ready to rock and roll! 

And just to clear things up, yes, I'm entering a bodybuilding competition, but no I won't look like this...
This is Iris Kyle, 10 (plus?) time Ms. Olympia winner.  She competes in the bodybuilding class.  I will be competing in figure class, which looks more like this...
This is Candice Keene Figure Competitor and IFBB pro.  Of course, she is a professional and I can only dream of her rockin' body, but you get the gist. 

So, wish me luck and I'll try to pop in now and again and let you know how my journey is going!  If you're on Instagram and care to follow, I'm at @reneeyeoman. 

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Round Valley

This morning Katherine and I headed to round valley thinking we'd do about 10 miles.  Well, we both kinda had one of those days where you're just not motivated and you feel like crap running.  So, after 3.2 miles we called it a day and went out to breakfast together!  Not a bad plan.  Not a bad plan at all!  Of course, despite feeling like slugs, we had a little fun.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Huntsman 5k

Last weekend I ran my first 5k!  A runner friend of mine, Dona, recently lost her twin sister to Leukemia.  Dona has since been raising funds for AML.  

If you would like to help, here's how:
 When she texted me to ask if I'd join her team and run, I didn't hesitate to say yes!  The run was fun, yet strange.  As I'm usually taking the first three to five miles very easy, I knew I needed to step it up. I didn't break any land speed records (I'm pretty sure I've said that particular phrase about five millions times!) I felt good and did pretty well! 

Dona and I after the race. She had t-shirts made up for the whole team!  Team Eileen, in memory of her sister.
Go Team Eileen!  Dona, cheering other team members into the finish!
Michelle, Dona and I have run quite a few miles together.  Both, wonderful ladies!  I was happy to be part of this!

Official time 31:52.4
10:17 average pace
Not bad for a distance runner who just ran a hard trail marathon the weekend prior!  [pats self on back]

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Race Day Photos

Mid Mountain Marathon race photos are out.  I love looking back at race day photos.  They remind me of how much fun I had!  Weeee!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Mid Mountain Marathon 2014

Running Katherine's very first marathon with her was amazing!  It was tons of fun and it was super hard!  Katherine was a rock star!  She ran strong until about mile twenty or so and I had a tough last ten miles, but we rallied and ran it in strong.  It was a lot harder than I had given myself credit for last year!  Watching my awesome running buddy and bestie tough through a marathon was worth every step!

About to board the bus! 

Look who we found!  My sweet freind Laurie!

Starting line goofballs!

And we're off!  The first part of the race is a loop around Deer Valley resort to thin the crowd before we head onto single track for the whole race.
Party time!

Laurie up ahead.

Who's having fun!?

The entire course is amazingly beautiful!

I took a million photos.  This is after I thinned them out!

Still having fun!

I took a bunch of signs to switch out as we ran. 

I also made Katherine a sign that read, "This is my first marathon!"  She got a lot of encouraging words from that sign!

Another sign!

Here comes Laurie!

It was hot out!  I had ice in that bandana!

Think this is hard?

We were both still feeling fabulous at mile 15!

My husband, Jeff, managed to sneak a couple signs in my bag! 

Around mile 16 I started having a really hard time.  It wasn't anything in particular, I just felt sluggish and crappy.  I let Katherine take the lead for the next few miles.  Finally I got pissed and ran hard to catch her and stay with her.  She yelled at me that I was running to fast.  I guess angry running isn't so bad!  HA!

Here is where I had to rally and play cheer leader again.  We were both tired and sore, but we kept running and finished strong!

This downhill was pretty painful!

Finally!  Running into the finish!!!

Our kids were waiting for us at the finish with cups of water!  Sweet little things!

The rest of these photos were accidental.  I had forgotten to turn the camera off after we crossed the finish line.  I thought they were fun!

We did it!  Our finish time was 6:21 (last year I did it in 5:38).  I am so proud of Katherine!  Now, who thinks she'll be joining me for an ultra next year?!