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Friday, September 20, 2013

Body Fat: A girl and her skivvies

Today was yoga at the gym.  I swear the instructor makes the classes just for me!  We did a lot of hip and hamstring stretches that I desperately needed and a ton of core work!  Love.

Then, I had my body fat percentage tested and guess what!?  I'm down to 19% body fat!  In June of 2012 I was at 23% body fat.  This makes me want to say ridiculous things like, Holla!  Woot! and Booyah!  I guess that's why I am seeing more and more muscle definition.  I find this extremely motivating!

Body fat according to ACE (American Council on Exercise)
Ideal Body Fat Percentage Chart 1

According to Jackson & Pollock (the body fat caliper folks)
Ideal Body Fat Percentage Chart 3

Well, call me Althlete Renee!  Go me!

Because I know you're all dying to see me in my skivvies what 19% body fat looks like on a 37 year old female runner.  Not bad for an old lady with three kids!

P.S. 28 days until my second ultramarathon!  BRING IT!


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