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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Millcreek Canyon

I keep reading what a great run the pipeline trail is and have wanted to get out to run it for a while now.  I've hiked Millcreek lots of times, although not in years, but had never run it.  I met up with Lindsay, and a gal named Dona who is a friend of Katherine's.  Unfortunately, Katherine was unable to join us.  We met up in the valley and carpooled up to the Birch Hollow trailhead.  None of us really knew where we were going, so we kind of winged it and ended up going east on the trail instead of the intended west.  We ended up at Elbow Fork and took the Lambs Canyon pass trail from there.  

It was slow going and at a certain point Dona ran ahead.  When we caught up to her she said she felt scared and a strange feeling that she shouldn't continue on alone.  Fair enough.  We were nearing the ridge and it was very beautiful.  Then, all of a sudden there was a giant moose on the trail ahead of us.  We turned immediately around and got a safe distance before I took photos.  We were all glad Dona hadn't gone on alone because she was in front and hadn't even noticed the moose!

The rest of the run was very uneventful.  The pipeline is a great trail!  We had a very lovely time chatting and enjoying the cooler high altitude temps.  I am really itching to get up there and do the entire pipeline trail now!

Hey ladies!

This was a really odd plant.  It looked like hair.

Now a safe distance from Mr. Moose, I stopped to take a couple pictures.

Bacon on the run is good!
9 miles


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