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Saturday, August 31, 2013

the short, long run

This week my youngest child, Clarissa, started kindergarten.  That has been wonderful for my running and fitness routine!  I was able to get in three weekday runs, one in the mountains and a full yoga class at the gym!  Needless to say, I haven't woken before sunrise once this week.  When my alarm went off at 5:40am this morning, it took me a moment to figure out why my phone was making noise.  I ran straight from the house this morning, did a few miles, met with Meghan and did a few more miles before heading on my way.  There was a beautiful sunrise this morning and eleven miles flew right by.  I do love an early morning run.  Plus, I was home early enough to get in a yoga video before my kids were out of bed!

11 miles
11:41 average pace

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