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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Daily Mile

How I have overlooked my hips, when that is the one area that has bothered me, is beyond me!  I've been doing core strengthening, lifting weights, doing yoga, stretching, using my foam roller and tennis ball, but I have forgotten hips!!!  So, as of today, I'm adding some hip strengthening to my already otherwise busy schedule.  Must. Have. Stronger. Hips.

This realization of forgotten hips hit me like a mac truck on my run this morning.  Stiff, painful hip.  Uh oh.  So, I did the responsible thing and cut my run short.  I came home, walked the dog and did some yoga.  I've also done quite a lot of stretching and used my heating pad today.  I seem to have a knot at a trigger point called the Pectineus.  I feel so dumb, since I already know that hips are big on my injury list.  But I think I'm catching this early enough in the game that maybe I can do a little reversal before it's too bad.  I was due for a lower mileage week anyway...

3 miles
11:50 pace

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