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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Daily Mile

I enjoyed lovely moonlit run with Katherine this morning.  Surprisingly, I felt fantastic today!  I expected to be at least a bit stiff and slow after my long run Sunday, but I felt super!  We headed to Crestwood park and did a couple miles on the the trail there before heading back.  We had quite a start when a large chocolate lab bounded around a corner toward us.  I about plowed Katherine over as I put it in reverse!  I think I was extra sensitive to this because of my experience on Sunday.  However, it was just the dog of another female runner and I was sure happy when I realized that!  By then end of the run I was feeling particularly fantastic and really put on the heat.  Overall, our pace wasn't amazing, but that last mile sure felt outstanding!  I love days like this!

Moon in the middle, street lamp to the right.

6.25 miles
11:36 pace

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