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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Daily Mile

Today was the first day I've taken Ozzy with me since he had xrays over a month ago.  I only took him two miles, and then dropped him off at my house where Meghan was waiting to join me for three miles.  The good news is that he is not limping after our run today!  I think I'll keep taking him on short jaunts and go from there.  Hopefully I'll have my furry running buddy back soon!

Meghan and I had a lovely run.  Her birthday was the other day, but she was in California, so this was our birthday celebration run.  I should have talked her into 34 miles for her 34th.  Some how I don't think she would have gone for that. I'll have to work on Katherine.  She'll be 30 in November!

5 miles
10:46 pace

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