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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Operation plam: complete

CAUTION: This post contains TMI (too much information), reader discretion is advised. 

Today was really awesome.  Although, I have to say that I'm sad summer is slipping away.  Despite the cooler start temperature, I still found myself a little sad at how dark it was at 5:30am.  I started off at the Andy Ballard Equestrian Center in the dark and found myself pleading with the sun to just come up already! I really don't mind running in the dark, except that I am quite sure that I'm going to be eaten by a mountain lion or attacked by a rabid coyote.  Well, not really, but every time the wind blows or a small animal rustles a nearby branch I have a little surge of fear.  That is actually part of what I like about running in the dark.  It's a bit exciting.  

After not being attacked by any wildlife, my favorite time of day to run arrived.  That time just before sunrise when you no longer need a headlamp, but it's not actually daylight out yet.  I was feeling really good and my hips only just let me know they were mad at me earlier in the week.  I was able to run very well uphill and I didn't push too hard on the downhill, but kept a pretty good pace anyhow.  I ran out and back up the new section of Coyote Hollow to Ann's.  I was amazed at how fast half way came around today.

On my way back, (here is where the TMI comes in) I was starting to feel the need to pee.  I was thinking how great Corner Canyon is and wouldn't it be nice if they had toilets at the peak, or at least running water.  Well, they don't.  So I started thinking that I should take another stab at operation PLAM (pee like a man.)  Yes, I have tried this before.  More than once.  But today I can say, mission complete!  I can now successfully pee standing up.  And I don't even have to drop my drawers! (Insert maniacal laughter here.)

After my PLAM success and some speedy downhill running, I was feeling like a bad ass, and was charging uphills as fast as I could.  Overall, it was a really terrific day in the hills.  And I didn't even get eaten by a mountain lion!

This sign cracks me up!
Draper city in the distance.
The particularly bright cluster of lights to the very left of the photo is the prison.  
Good morning Corner Canyon!

Those little specs just over the horizon are hot air balloons.  Sandy city has a hot air balloon festival every year.  My girls and I actually went to see the balloon launch yesterday morning.  It was fun to see them from the mountain today.
Hot air balloons.
Remember when I said that Corner Canyon doesn't have bathrooms or running water?  Well, as it turns out, I was wrong about the latter!  Very cool!

13.2 miles
12:37 pace

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