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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

PR's and Shooting Stars

Yesterday was kick ass.  Katherine and I hit up the gym in the morning.  We did our whole body routine, but instead of the last bit of focus on arms, we did legs.  I am thrilled to say that I added more weight to my bench press!  I added five more pounds, making it a 65 pound bar and a PR!  While at the gym we had the brilliant idea to go take a night time trail run and try to go see the meteor showers.  

After getting our respective children tucked into bed I picked Katherine up and we headed to Corner Canyon.  It was 10:00 o'clock when we headed out on the trail and the crickets were singing to us.  It was dark, but we saw several other people out trying to catch a glimpse of the stars as well.  The run was really fun.  It's slow going in the dark, but super fun.  We ran up Clark's and down Ghost Falls to Coyote Hollow.  For some reason the darkness of night didn't seem as spooky as the darkness of early morning.  Maybe because our ears weren't as sensitive to every sound?  Maybe because we were on a mission?  Whatever the reason, it was great fun and despite the clouds, we still saw two shooting stars!

My favorite?  As we were on our way down there was a large group of young people hiking around hollering to us and when we came into sight and they saw that we were running, one kid said, "Hey!  Look at you guys!"  sounding quite shocked that we were running.  

Always a classic.

The moon was watching over us.

Katherine and I had seven lights between us, and it was a good thing!


5 miles
15:24 pace

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