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Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Weekly check in with coach Jerry today! After a week of drop sets I'm down from 10.8% to 10.5% body fat! Not exactly sure about my weight because I forgot to step on the scale until after my breakfast and workout. Those drop sets are brutal, but they're paying off!

Friday, October 16, 2015


I met with my coach, Jerry, on Wednesday.  I meet with him two to four times a month to check in and make sure I'm on track. I knew I'd made some gains towards leaning out, but was pleasantly surprised at how much I'd accomplished in the last two weeks! I had been at a bit of a plateau after putting on some fat this summer (Hot dogs and marshmallows are delicious, just in case you didn't know that!). 
I've had a really great training week, and have been able to push hard. I've also been very strict with my food intake and have followed my meal plans exactly.  Short term I'm looking forward to another hard push week next week and long term I'm looking forward to being able to add lean muscle mass over the next months!

Here's what my progress has looked like this fall:

August 19
Weight 144.4
Body fat 13%

September 2
Weight 143.4
Body fat 12.5%

September 15
Weight 144.6
Body fat 12.8%

September 30
Weight 142.6
Body fat 11.8%

October 14
Weight 140.8
Body fat 10.8%

On Fridays, we flex!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Week in Review

This week's training went fairly well.  I had a pretty great shoulder day and leg day, but back day was no good and I left feeling like I suck at bodybuilding.  Some days are just like that with any sort of difficult training.  I've learned to let it go and just keep on keepin' on!  I'm half way through my NASM prep and just took my mid-term exam! I can't wait to become a certified personal trainer! I also really enjoyed watching the Pro-Core Championships last night and got to see Branch Warren and Johnnie O Jackson guest posing! Congratulations to all the competitors!  It was a great show!

Not sweaty (GASP!) and ready for the show!
 Johnnie O and Branch!

 My awesome coach, Jerry and his beautiful girlfriend Kiauna!

Training Photos from this week! 
Vascularity is bizarre!
Trying to get in a handstand a day!  I actually held away from the wall for about three whole seconds this time!
I got a really great shoulder workout this week!  If I want to be competitive in Figure class I really need to step up my shoulder game! 
  Sometimes the mess stays and I just workout instead.  Crazy enough, the mess is always still there later!
I fully intend on turning that thing into a shelf!  
Calf pump! 
Now, it's time to head to the gym for some hamstring work!  Have a great week, everyone!

Exploring Bells Canyon

I had a wonderful time hiking and exploring lower Bells Reservoir with my girls last weekend!  The water is lower than I've ever seen it, which is sad but made for great exploring!

Always have to bust a move in the mountains!

I got to try out my new Nathan Vapor Airess.  It's super light and comfy!  I love it! 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Inversion Mania!

I have been watching my ten year old daughter rock handstands for quite a while now and I finally got up the nerve to make myself go upside down.  Honestly, it was really hard for me.  I'm not sure why, but that going totally upside down terrified me!  But, I did it and I've been practicing every day. Currently I can only old away from the wall for a second or two before I either hit the wall or topple over.  But we all start at the beginning, so I'll keep practicing!  I'm also fortunate to have a few fabulous yogi friends that are very kind and generous with advice.  

Here is a bit of the past couple of weeks worth of learning.

Friday, October 2, 2015

My 6 month transformation

I have to say that the sport of bodybuilding is much more than meets the eye.  Most, and I can include my previous self to this statement, see the scantily clad made up faces of the women on stage and assume they are a high maintenance crowd.  One might assume that the competition is only about looks or that competitors are vain.  I have to say that I was wrong.  Very very wrong.  Bodybuilders are the some of the most humble people I've ever had the pleasure to meet.  It's very much like the ultrarunning crowd.  You can't put yourself through such rigorous and strict training without developing a sense of camaraderie with those who are also doing the same. They are a group of  extremely dedicated and hard working people. The fact of the matter is, just like myself, most of these women live in spandex with their hair in a pony tail because they're too busy cooking, eating, and sweating at the gym to be worried with such things as make up or high heels. 

Ultrarunning is hard.  Really really hard.  But competition prep took hard to a whole new level for me.  It's not just the training.  I love lifting weights. That's the easy part. The diet adds a whole new level.  After finishing a long run I would come home and eat like there was no tomorrow!  Now, it's egg whites and chicken and rice all day long.  Of course, I eat other things too like healthy fats and vegetables but there's no wiggle room. No bowls of cereal or cake on your birthday (yeah, that was bad timing). Bodybuilding is a 24-7 sport.  It gets really difficult.  Plus, 70 minutes of intervals on a stairmill while completely carb depleted is a new level of pain and suffering.

Despite all that I still want more.  I guess I'm just a glutton for punishment.  But, just like ultrarunning, along with the pain is the most amazing sense of accomplishment!  I built that!  I did that! I ran 50 MILES!  I competed in a figure competition!  And took home a trophy!  Yeah, I can't wait to do it again!

Now, for the fun part.  Here is my six month transformation!

Day 1-December 1, 2014 Competition day-June 6, 2015
And a few more fun pictures from behind the scenes! 
The night of check in, in my new Skill PT team jacket!
Headed off to pre-judging!  I was so happy show day was finally here!
Before finals.  Of course, my girl Katherine came to cheer me on!
A behind the scene shot that Jeff took.  Get it? behind the scenes?  lol #sorrynotsorry

The ladies of team Skill PT!
My evening routine!  I had SO much fun!

To all the hard working ladies whom I had the pleasure of share the stage, YOU ROCKED!  I can't wait to share the stage with you again!