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Thursday, November 28, 2013

We party & give thanks

I had planned a group run with a bunch of friends this morning.  We were to meet at Little Cottonwood Canyon creek trail at 7:30a.  Then, at the last minute I got a wild hair up my ass and decided to run to the trailhead.  I didn't sleep much last night.  For some reason, after child number three woke me at 2:45am I couldn't go back to sleep.  So, what did I do?  I cut out and sewed a turkey tail feather to go on my pack.  

I headed out at 6:20a.  It was cold, but not as cold as yesterday.  I thoroughly enjoyed this solo run, as I haven't had many of those lately.  There is something about starting a run in the dark and watching the sun come up that just makes everything right in my world.  

I got to the trailhead at exactly 7:30a and waited for everyone to arrive.  Katherine and Michelle were also turkey themed, although Michelle wins the prize for best turkey!  It was a fantastic run.  I love this little trek.  It's hard on the way up, but I can fly like the wind on the way down!  

What a perfect way to start Thanksgiving day!  I sure am grateful for all my awesome runner friends!

Tail feathers
Good morning sun!

Renee the Turkey, complete with beak and snood.
Dawn is my favorite time of day.  It is also my youngest daughter's and my mother's middle name. 
What a bunch of turkeys!

Frozen waterfall
The turn around point.  Nice tail, Michelle.  I'm actually really impressed she ran in that thing!
We were accosted by another group of runners at the end of our run.  They loved that we were dressed for the occasion and asked to get a picture with us!  So, naturally, I asked them to take a picture of our group.  Pretty nice looking group!  From left to right: Michelle, Me, Zach, Dona, Katherine
11.1 miles
11:53 pace

"We party and give thanks" -Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Gold

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Daily Mile: It's cold out there!

It was brutally cold this morning!  The gauge said 28ยบ, but it felt colder than that, even.  Katherine and I met up at the gully.  Despite numerous runs in the gully over the years, we still managed to find new things!  We even ended up on a main road at the turn around point, and a building that we were pretty sure was a bathroom.  Once we hit about mile three we finally started to warm up, the sun starting coming and I was feeling really good.  It was a beautiful run, despite the horrid air conditions.  Plus, frozen fingers spurred a trip to Target for some new insulated mittens.  I see warmer fingers in my future!

Popsicle friends.

Look at all that frost! 

Hey!  I've never seen that before!
Here comes the sun!
We're frozen, and we're happy about it!

Here comes Speedy K!
No wonder the first half of the run always seems harder.  Dimple Dell is deceiving, because it doesn't really look uphill but it certainly is!

5.4 miles
12:55 average pace

Monday, November 25, 2013

Daily Mile

This morning was a lovely jaunt from my place down to Crestwood Park with Katherine. I was feeling rather sluggish, so it was nice to have company to help me along.  

Winter is on it's way.  The park was sprinkled with frost.
Friends <3
5.1 miles
11:57 pace

Daily Mile

I had a really hard time getting motivated to run yesterday.  I slept in until 9am, then watched a movie with my girls.  After some house work and more laying around I made myself get into my running gear.  Then it dawned on me that I should have my girls come with me!  Lila wanted to run with me, while Clarissa opted to bike.  They came around the block with me twice, which is .45 miles/lap!  Then I ran (literally) a movie back to the Redbox to finish off a three miler.  It was a lovely afternoon and just the right temperature for running!  

My beautiful running buddies!
Yes, the dog came too.
3 miles
10:06 pace

It's a Dog Party!

A lovely runner named Britta, who I know through trail running, invited me to join in a group run for her dog's birthday.  Sage the dog was turning five, so we all did a nice trail run and then a tailgate birthday party afterward.  We met at the 22nd street trailhead in Ogden.  This was a whole new area to me, and it was fun to see new sights.  Mostly, I came to run with my running buddy, Lindsay.  Another gal named Jo, joined Lindsay and I at the back of the pack. It was a fun run, but quite cold because of a brutal wind.  

Lindsay, Benji came dressed for the occasion!
Bonneville Shoreline Trail in Ogden.  This is a place where the local sheriffs practice rescues.

Jo, Me, Benji
This was stunning with the icicles.  The photo doesn't quite capture it's beauty.

Sit.  Stay.  Good dog.  Lindsay got a few interesting looks on the trail.

A freezing, but fun day with the ladies out on the trail.  Can't complain about that!

6 miles
14:20 pace

Week in Review

Monday Weight lifting + Abs
Tuesday Trail Run 6.6 miles
Wednesday REST
Thursday Weight lifting, HIIT + Abs

Friday Yoga class + 15 minute Insanity video + Cardio/Strength workout

Saturday Trail run 6 miles
Sunday Road run 3 miles

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Trail Run Tuesday OR Two Chicks with Coughs

Both Katherine and I have been battling colds and asthma.  So, we decided to skip running today and just stay in bed.  Okay, not really.  We headed to Corner Canyon to check out more of the new trails that were built this summer.  We were both a hot mess, with an unparalleled amount of coughing and snot rockets.  Plus, there was a pretty mean headwind for much of our run.  But, as always, the fun never ceases and we managed to have a lovely run!  Rattler trail is beautiful, rolling hills and just right for running!  

Rattler Trail, here we come!

Ghost Falls

Fun run done!

6.6 miles
13:56 pace