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Friday, November 15, 2013

Leg Day

I finally gave in and headed to the doctor's office to get some treatment for my asthma.  A girl just can't go on running and working out if she can't breathe.  Long story short, I am mostly breathing well now!  I decided that yoga might not be great today, since I am still having random coughing fits.  So, leg day it was!  After murdering my legs so that they felt like lead weights, I hopped on the elliptical and whined for twenty minutes, all the while thinking what great training it had to be!  To push your legs on a hamster wheel after lifting for nearly an hour is no small feat.  Then I headed home and did a bit of ab work.  It feels good to work muscles to complete exhaustion!  Oh, and don't forget... Never skip leg day!

Here is what my leg day looked like:
Hamstring curls- 4 sets
Straight leg dead lifts- 4 sets (20#, 30#, 40#, 40#)
Squats- 3 set (barbell only 45#)
Leg press- 4 sets
Leg extensions- 4 sets
Hip adductors & abductors- 4 sets each
Standing calf raises- 4 sets

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