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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Challenge Day 4

I'm feeling like a million bucks today!  My sore throat is gone, I'm feeling strong and had all my workouts for the day done by 10am!  Life is good!

Green smoothie with spinach, peach, banana, strawberry, chia seeds, glutamine & fish oil
Green tea

3 eggs, sauteed butternut squash, 1/2 large apple

2 apple slices with sunbutter

Plain salmon & steamed broccoli
Sunbutter balls (I haven't actually eaten these yet, but as I sit here I'm dreaming of these lovely delights!  So they are as good as consumed because as soon as I'm done here I'm making them!)

120oz water throughout the day

3 mile run plus Ab Challenge & HIIT

So, here is the deal.  I haven't really had to change my diet for the clean eating part of this week's challenge.  The only things I've omitted are: candy (the big one!), rice tortillas, and mayonnaise.  Other than that, I this is how I eat always.  Real food is good!

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