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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Daily Mile

That's right folks!  Asthma and snot noses aside, I felt good enough to run today!  It was super nice to get out.  I don't sit around very well.  Granted, it took me about 20 minutes to completely stop coughing afterward, but it was worth it!  The damn air quality in Salt Lake is so poor right now it makes me want to cry (or cough)!

See that brown?  No, those aren't mountains.  That's air.  Triple yuck!

Then I came home and did an ab workout.  Tomorrow will be leg day at the gym so long as I don't relapse into sickness.

5# weight for 1st set of Russian twists, 10# for 2nd set
10# weight on hips for thrusts
Crunches instead of sit ups

And because I know you're wondering what on earth a Russian Twist is, (I certainly was) here you go.

All of a sudden this evening I remembered that I didn't add my mileage to my post today!  Hello!  Earth to Renee!  I even ran pretty fast for an asthmatic with a head cold!

3.6 miles
9:59 pace

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