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Saturday, November 2, 2013

7 Day Challenge

My friend Astrid, who is a beach body coach, is putting on a virtual seven day challenge called Thin for Thanksgiving.  She will be lending her coaching services for free for one week and in exchange the group agrees to follow her clean eating and workouts for the week.  I'm excited to have this fun challenge for the week and get myself out of my candy corn spiral of death (think: Renee on couch eating bags of candy corn, possibly while moaning).  The challenge starts Monday, however beginning today we are to log everything we eat at drink to share with the group.  I figured, what better place to log all of my food and exercise than here!  Oh, and bonus, Katherine is doing the challenge with me!

Here is Astrid.  On the right, she is pregnant with triplets!  Girlfriend has some killer abs, that I've told her I am quite jealous of!  Hard work pays!
So, you can see why I want to follow her program.  Give me that and some weight lifting and I'll be on my way to buff city!  Don't forget to check out Astrid's website to learn more about her services and her fitness journey.
photo credit: Astrid Novak

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