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Monday, November 4, 2013

Challenge Day 1

1 C brown rice grits
Green tea

1 small banana
4T peanut butter
32oz water

Pecan & hazelnut encrusted salmon filet
2 c spinach with balsamic vinegar & olive oil

1/4 c sunflower seeds
1/2 c grapes
Green tea
32oz water

1/2 acorn squash
1/3 c rice
3 c spinach with vinegar & olive oil
16oz water

Tabata #1
Burpees 20 sec
Rest 10 sec
Jumping jacks 20 sec (as fast as you can)
Rest 10 sec
-Repeat 8 times & then rest 1 min

Tabata #2
Jump Lunges 20 sec
Rest 10 sec
High kicks (please see video below)
Rest 10 sec
-Repeat 8 times & then rest 1 min

Tabata #3
High knees 20 sec
Rest 10 sec
Plank knee twists 20 sec
Rest 10 sec
-Repeat 8 times

It took me about 25 minutes to do this whole routine through.  It reminded me of my step aerobics days circa 1994.  It was a fun change up, although it's over so fast that I don't feel like I've done much.  Although, I did get quite out of breath and slightly sweaty and my butt was sore by the end of the jump lunges, so that's good!

We were also required today to post our weight and measurements.  Here are my stats:
Weight 134.4
Chest 35"
True waist 30"
Waist at belly button 33"
Hips 27.5
Thigh at biggest point 20"
Exactly mid-thigh 18.5"
Arm 10.5"

That was no trail run, but it was fun to switch it up!
Lunch.  This was really good!  

There was no body rolling today, but plenty of high kicks!  POW!

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