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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Goal #1

Let's talk injury prevention, Goal #1.  In order to get stronger, run longer, run faster and run happy I have to be injury free.  I actually believe that if I can achieve my other goals: cross train, lose weight, do hills, do speed work that will be a huge part of staying injury free.

Mostly I can't complain about injuries.  I've had nothing serious.  I've had a fair bit of trouble with my periformis over the last year, which in turn effects my whole right side.  Mostly I get hip and foot pain on the right side.  Honestly, I have to credit my massage therapist friend  Melissa, for helping me figure out the root of the problem and how to solve it!  I've kept it under control with stretching, foam rolling, massage and lots of visits to the chiropractor.

Here are some links I've found helpful.
How to strengthen the feet.
More foot strengthening exercises.
Periformis Syndrome
More on Periformis Syndrome

A few other articles worth reading.

Uhan's Three Laws of Running Injury
I've mentioned this article before, but it's worth revisiting. Injuries by Anton Krupicka
Amby Burfoot's Simple Secrets to a Lifetime of Running

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