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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Teach me how to Jurek

Today Scott Jurek was at my local running store, Wasatch Running Center.  He did a group run, then talked about his book, answered questions and did a book signing.  I was so very excited to be there!  He was a very nice guy and made it a point to run a little bit with everyone in the group.  I told him that I read his book and about my first ultra.  We talked a bit about the Antelope Island runs and he asked me if I was going to do another ultra.  I told him I was going to and that I felt good afterward.  He commented that that meant I did my training right!

In from the run and geeked as ever.

Poor Katherine was having a fight with asthma today and asthma was telling her who is boss.  She just came for the book signing.

At the end of his talk he did a few give always.  I knew that the person in his book who said "Be somebody" was Dusty!  I got a package of kinesiology tape.  I've never used tape before, but hey, I have the chance to try it now.

Waiting in line.

My turn!  What a nice guy.  He was very humble and appreciative to everyone.  It was a pleasure to meet him!

Katherine and Scott

Yes, Scott Jurek, I will!

Oh, and don't forget the awesome buttons that Katherine made us and he signed!  You know this is going on my hydration pack!!!

Miles with Scott Jurek* 4.14
Time with Scott Jurek* 44:29
Pace with Scott Jurek* 10:44
*A lot of the other runners actually made it a little farther than me, because you know I was at the back of the pack.  But, hey I don't care.  I got to run with Scott Jurek!


  1. Ha! I thought I saw a photo of you of the group shot outside the store!

    1. Awesome! I hadn't seen the photo yet! I'll have to snag it! ;)


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