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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Future Trail Runner

Jeff and I took Clarissa and Ozzy down to the Dimple Dell gully this afternoon for a little hike. Clarissa is a mountain lover. She's always asking, "When can I climb to the top of the mountain?" She loves hiking and getting dirty. Today was no exception. At the turn around point she started complaining that she was tired, so I suggested that we race. I think I have a future trail runner on my hands! She took off running and we ran together nearly the whole way back. She called a few "time outs" where we slowed or stopped to rest, but she ran smiling and giggling as I chased her all the way back to the parking lot! I'll tell you what.  She is pretty quick! Plus, she even ran the uphills with a smile. Amazing the things we can learn from our children. Maybe I need to look at hills with the same child like exuberance. Hopefully Clarissa and I will enjoy more trail runs together in the future.

She saw this downed tree and immediately exclaimed, "I want to climb that!"  She dropped her hiking stick and began climbing.  She did it all by herself!

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