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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Bosho Marathon

Today Katherine and I met Lindsay on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail above Salt Lake City to run the Bosho Marathon.  Bosho Marathon is, as I just learned last night, a bit of a underground marathon.  It's more like a group run and you won't find it on any websites.  I was excited to be part of this trail running experience.  We set out at 7am the wrong direction on the course in order to cut out one loop.  We were aiming for 10-13 miles.  It was a beautiful section of the Shoreline trail that I'd never been on before.  It was mostly uphill on the way out and then some perfect screaming downhills on the way back.  I nearly ate it cruising downhill at around mile nine.  Luckily I recovered, because that fall would have hurt.  Bad.  It was cloudy and cool and the perfect temperature for running.  Lindsay, Katherine and I had a blast together.  As we ran, I was really appreciating the fact the the three of us all run at the same pace.  It's so nice to run with these awesome ladies!

Heading into the mountains.
We decided we wouldn't be eaten by any mountain lions, as clearly they'd already eaten already.

The views on the ridge were stunning.  I love these mountains! 

Down town below me.
Blurry, but fantastic Katherine.
Lindsay leading the pack.
New running buddies.  Fun, fun times!
Yes, we are grown women.  Yes, we play with toys.

Thanks for the fantastic run ladies!  This was my fastest marathon ever!  Oh, wait, it was only 12 miles.  Whatever!  We rocked!

12 miles 
2 hrs 57 min
14:45 pace


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