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Sunday, April 28, 2013

10 in the 10s

I really didn't feel like running today.  Last night as I put my gear together I was only about 80% sure I wouldn't turn my alarm off and roll back over this morning.  But I didn't.  I got up at 5:45am and headed out the door.  Part of my complacency was that I had no plan, no route, no mileage goal, and no running buddy (well, I had my dog, Ozzy.) I've been pretty spoiled with good friends on long runs lately.  I figured I'd take it easy and just head out and see where adventure took me.  I didn't want to do the same old route, so I left my house in a completely different direction than usual and ended up at Wheeler Farm.  Despite never really feeling spectacular today, I managed to run at a pace that I usually can't swing.  All that gym time may be paying off!

Funny thing today, I realized that Ozzy isn't accustomed to running on major roads because he was rather startled by both a scrolling marquee and a big blue post office mail box!  It made me laugh. 

It always pays to stop and smell the tulips.  
Wheeler Farm with my tiny friends.
The trail at Wheeler is pretty nice.  It seems farther from the city than it really is.  
I couldn't believe how close these ducks let Ozzy and I get to them before they flew away!

As I headed back to the house I realized that I was going to have a pretty good pace and was able to pick up the pace even more.  Then I got back with 9.5 miles under my belt and couldn't let it be, I had to get those double digits!  

10 miles
1 hr 47 min
10:43 pace (kick ass!)

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