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Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Holy sore legs Batman!  Jeff put me through the ringer today.  It was very hard, but felt great!  I can envision my legs being stronger for my next big race.  I can also tell that my hamstrings and hips are a lot weaker than my quads and calves.  Maybe stronger hips will help my periformis issues?  It certainly can't hurt.  After the gym we came home and took Ozzy for a 30 minute walk.

My notes.
squats 45# & 30#, 30# was better (Must do squats more often. The chick next to me was squatting about 100#!)
leg press sled+20#
hack squat no added weight (Ridiculous hard.  Needed Jeff's help to even stand back up.  4 sets of 5)
leg curls 30#
leg extensions 30#, 50#
stiff leg dead lift with dumbbells 25# & 30# (Love this one!)

4 sets each of 10-12

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