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Monday, April 8, 2013

Rainy Day Schedule

Turns out Jeff didn't have to work today, so first thing he and I headed to the gym for a chest (and hips for me) workout.  It felt great!  I am getting stronger.  For the first time ever I was able to add weight to the bench press bar!  I added 14 lbs, for a total of 59 lbs!  That is huge since when I started lifting in Fall I couldn't even do the 45 lb bar! 

In the afternoon Katherine and I had a little Bonneville Shoreline Trail love planned.  It had been raining all day and even had some snow mix, so I planned accordingly.  

Gear* all laid out. 
Ready for the rain!
There were a few puddles, but nothing we couldn't easily skirt.
Katherine was insane in her short sleeved shirt.  She was mostly okay, but would pay for the choice when we turned around and had a strong headwind.
The valley was really beautiful.
Snow up top.
The winding trail you see there is my favorite part of this run.
We made it to Corner Canyon and then turned around.
On the way back Katherine was a bit cold and ran with her arms in her vest.  As Katherine put it, she was the chicken runner!  

It was really quite a fun run.  Don't ever skip an adventure because of bad weather.  Sometimes bad weather is what makes the adventure!  

6.2 miles 
1 hr 28 min
14:12 pace

*My gear worked out perfectly.  I was warm, but not too hot and dry for the most part.  It was about 38 degrees out and raining very steadily.  We encountered very minimal snow/rain mix.  Here is what I wore:
Lightweight long sleeve
Lightweight rain coat
Ankle gaiters
Clear lenses in my Tifosi's
Ear warmer headband
Lightweight wool socks


  1. Impressive! You girls look too cute to be running long distances in the rain ;)

  2. That is me above. Commenting via my Wordpress account uses my URL id instead of my name I guess. Confusing.


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