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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Early Morning Love

This morning I headed out at 6am and ran to Meghan's house where met up with her for a lovely morning run.  We headed up through the neighborhood and to a short bit of trail nearby.  Then we decided to run up to La Caille, a very swanky restaurant that keep birds and other animals on theirs grounds.  We saw lots of animals and had a very nice run together.  It was just the right temperature and Ozzy was very happy to get out and run.  I hadn't taken him out since before the race!

My little visitors came along too.
This is where my girlfriend Paula used to live, right around the corner from me.  I run by her old place all the time.  Sure wish she still lived here.
Small stretch of trail about four miles from my house.

The entrance to La Caille.
My beautiful running buddy!

We saw four deer,

Two peacocks,
and a bunny (directly to the right of the green bridge.)  There were also lots of geese, ducks and some swans.
The restaurant.

The run felt good.  My right leg is a bugging me a bit now, but not too bad.  I'm still sore from yoga yesterday!  It's nice to be out running in the warmth of Spring.  I love these early morning runs!  And Jeff and the girls were even still in bed when I got home.  

12 miles
2 hrs 30 min
12:30 pace

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