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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Parley's Historic Nature Park

Ever since the Buffalo Run I haven't been wanting to spend much time pounding the pavement.  In fact, I'd nearly rather go to the gym than run on the road.  I decided to see if there were any dog friendly trails near me, so what did I do?  I Googled it, of course!  Being that a lot of the Wasatch is a watershed, dogs aren't allowed on a lot of trails*. Now, I already knew that Mill Creek Canyon is a great place to take dogs.  On odd numbered days they can even be off leash.  However, today was the 10th and I really wanted to take Ozzy with me (I very much dislike running on trails with him on leash) so I opted to check out Parley's Historic Nature Park, which starts at Tanner Park.  It was a nice little trail, and Ozzy had a blast running around with all the other dogs there.  It's not the kind of place you could get a long run in, but it was perfect for a quick run.  I'm sure I'll go back again.

3.6 miles
45 min
12:30 pace

*Check out this resource on dog friendly parks and trails and the Wasatch Front.

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