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Friday, April 5, 2013


Today I went to yoga class at the gym again.  I'll tell you what, this was no sissy yoga class.  We did more push ups than I have ever done in any yoga class, and after doing as many push ups as possible last night, I was cursing the instructor!  Plus we did loads of plank and lunges.  At one point she was giving the class a pep talk, "You feel like you want to give up, like you can't do any more, but you can!"  I found it humorous, because however much I was cursing her (not only did I do push ups last night, you may remember that Jeff and I did biceps/triceps on Wednesday) the thought of quitting never entered my head.  "Of course I can do eight more push ups," I thought.  I guess when one trains for endurance sports one does not simply quit because it's hard.  Rather, we do these things because they're hard.  I thoroughly enjoyed class and am planning on trying to make it to ass-kicking (or maybe I should say arm-kicking) yoga much more regularly!


  1. Nice! I'm more of a gentle yoga fan myself, cause I do like to give up haha.

    1. You crack me up! I love yoga, but today I was thinking gentle yoga would be nice. My ass was officially kicked!


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