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Friday, September 27, 2013

Daily Mile

I can say, with confidence, that running in the cold is not my favorite.  Now, let me clarify.  I do not like running in the heat either.  Not that cold or heat ever stops me from running.  They're just not my favorite.  50º-60º has got to be my favorite running temperature.  Unfortunately, I live in a place that seems to skip Spring and Fall.  Here in Salt Lake our seasons go like this: almost winter, winter, not quite winter, hotter than hell.

But, enough whining about the cold.  My run was quite nice this morning, and I felt good despite the chill in the air.  It's not that cold yet, so I suppose I shouldn't moan too much.  I know Fall is certainly here though, because my entire run was in the dark.  And let me tell you what!  9400 South between Highland Drive and 1300 East has an alarming lack of street lamps!  I ran on major roads this morning because they're more well lighted and populated and make me feel less like I'm in a scary murder movie.  I'm not too much of a sissy, but it's still a little scary running through dark sections of town.  I'm also less likely to run into dogs out on major streets and after a little bit of a chase from a random dog in my neighborhood this morning, that is a welcome thing.  What out folks!  I'm not afraid to pepper spray your pooch! 

7 miles
10:51 pace


  1. Replies
    1. I only ever sprayed the one dog & it was a hard decision, but he was super scary & I did NOT want to get bitten!

    2. uh yeah if a dog comes barreling towards me barking and growling I will drop kick it to the pavement without a big of regret. If you don't care for me to drop kick said dog then don't let it loose out of your yard.

    3. I'm with you! Self preservation is #1! I can't run with a chomp in my thigh and rabies!


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