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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Mid Mountain Marathon

Mid Mountain Marathon was awesome! I loved it!  I picked up my packet the morning of, and ran into Laurie, a wonderful lady I've run with a few times on Antelope Island.  We rode the bus together and chatted with a sweet younger gal who was running her first marathon.  I also had the pleasure of finally meeting Cory, of Fast Cory in person.  

The first mile or so of the race starts around Deer Valley resort to let the pack thin out before heading up onto the single track trail.  The entire course was just gorgeous and very runnable.  There were a few climbs that had me walking here and there, but nothing steep. It was my kind of trail.  Soft, some rocks and roots to make footing interesting, but nothing difficult.  I really can't begin to say how much I loved the whole course!
I would run along with other runners here and there and chat, but then pass and be on my own for a bit before catching up with more runners.  I really felt just amazing and was loving the day.  Around mile eighteen I started fighting a side cramp, but it didn't slow me too much.  Then towards the very end it started getting very hot and the dust made my asthma kick in a little.  Luckily, I had my inhaler and I was still able to keep up my pace.  

The only bummer was that I had unintentionally forgotten to refill my electrolyte tabs and I ran out around mile twenty.  I drank powerade from the last two aid stations, but evidently it wasn't enough and later, I would pay for this mistake.  I finished the race strong and feeling great.  I waited around for Laurie to finish and the cute girl we met on the bus.  On the way home I felt like a million bucks!  I just couldn't believe that I ran a marathon in the mountains and it felt great!

Around 5pm I starting drooping.  I can't explain exactly how I felt, but I wasn't quite right.  I decided I should probably eat some more and headed to the kitchen where my son was making himself something to eat.  I immediately had to sit on the floor because I was so light headed and then my right hand completely cramped up and I started breathing heavily and shaking uncontrollably.  Fortunately, Kurtis was there to help me because I couldn't use my right hand at all.  I ate some fruit and downed about four servings of EFS electrolyte drink before calling my running buddy, Lindsay, who has much experience with distance running.  She helped me out a bit and then after all my body started feeling tingly it dawned on me that I probably was water logged.  It was a hot day, I ran out of electrolytes and I had been peeing a lot, and clear ever since I got home.  After looking it up I realized that I had a mild case of hyponatremia.  Luckily, it wasn't severe.  I spent the rest of the evening not drinking any more water, but lots of salt and salty foods.  By around 11pm I was nearly back to normal.  

Today I'm feeling good. I'm a little bit sore, but nothing big.  What a confidence booster!  I know, that with the rest of my training I will be more than ready for my 50k next month!  And you can guarantee Mid Mountain Marathon will be on my race schedule for next year, with lots of salt caps, of course! 

Laurie and I at the start of the race.

This was one of the few sections of trail that wasn't single track, and it didn't last long.

Beautiful, right!?

Having the time of my life!

Be still, my heart!  I could run on this trail ALL DAY LONG!


Still having a great time!

The last little section to the finish.

Done!  Laurie had done the Triple Trail Challenge (for the seventh time!) and got a jacket.

The medal.

What do ya know!?  My nails matched the race medal perfectly.  The trail was a little dusty.  Can you tell?

26.2 miles
5:38:56 (official race time) 
12:56.2 (official race pace)

20th out of 27 in my age division
185th out of 283 overall

Did I mention how much I loved this marathon!?  Who wants to run it with me next year?


  1. It was great to meet you too! Wish I was a little faster to keep up with you so we could chat more.

    That is scary how yucky you were feeling after the race! Glad you got feeling better.

    I agree with you, those trails were stunning. I've run a bunch of marathons but I think that became my new favorite.

    1. I was a bit freaked out! I'd never had anything like that happen to me before! Maybe we'll have the chance to chat more at another race soon!?

  2. That Laurie is as cute as a bug's ear ;-) and damn Renee- you have gotten so much faster over the past 6 months- you set a goal to do so, but it's been amazing to see you fufill it- I'm proud of you! Maybe this should be my first marathon.... -The Woj

    1. YES! Mid Mountain Marathon! Speedy K, Lightening Mae and ME!

  3. Looks and sounds amazing!! I am such a sucker for birch trees on the trail that I am seriously considering a 2014 road trip!! Thanks for sharing! Steph

    1. You're very welcome! I'm in it for 2014! It was awesome!


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