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Monday, September 2, 2013

Red Pine Lake

I roped my wonderful husband, Jeff, into taking a hike with me today.  We went up to Red Pine Lake in Little Cottonwood Canyon.  Ironically, I've spent years playing in this canyon, but rarely when there wasn't snow on the ground.  This was my first time hiking Red Pine.  It was a pretty good hike with plenty of steep ascents, but there was also plenty of very runnable sections.  We didn't do any running today, but I certainly may have to bring my runner girls up here!  It was absolutely gorgeous!  We took our time, enjoyed each others company, and I got to take lots of photos with me real camera!  Good times.

We saw two dear who didn't seemed bothered by us at all.

We climbed to about 9,750', over 2,000' of climbing.

6.3 miles
31:44 pace


  1. Beautiful trail!! Thanks for posting all the pictures!


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