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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Daily Mile

It felt great to run today after a few days off.  I was seriously shocked at the end of the run that my pace was so slow.  I was sure that we were running in the 10's.  Meghan met me at 6am and we ran to the nearby rich neighborhood and gawked at the houses as we ran.  Fall is certainly here.  It was time for gloves.  I'll wear shorts until it's 40º out, but below 50º I need gloves.  I hate having cold hands!

Did I mention my second ultra is coming up?  (Insert evil laughter) Well, it is!  Only 22 days left!

4 miles
11:18 pace

Last minute, I decided to go to the gym after working in my daughter's class.  I can't believe some of the horrible fitness and nutrition information I overheard some "personal trainers" telling their clients!  One trainer boasted about eating white bread every day, but justified it because he works out five times a week.  Good grief!  Forget the bread, lift heavy instead!

My routine today:
Dead lifts
Bench press
Lat pulldown
Lat arm raise machine
Hamstring curls
Hip adduction & abduction

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  1. White bread is of the devil! I love homemade wheat bread all the way! Pair that with some fresh garden tomatoes and wow! Yummers!


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