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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Finishing Bryce

Remember that little race I ran last month?  Well, here is how fabulous I looked at the finish!

 50 mile finish/aid station
 My wonderful kids waited and waited (and waited some more) for me to come in to the finish!
 "Running" to the finish line.
 Jeff, my amazing husband and pacer and my oldest daughter running to the finish line with me!
Fast Cory was at the finish waiting to pace and friend with lots of congratulations!
 I was a little hunched over.  Actually, when I saw these for the first time I was shocked at how awful I looked! 

 But, happy none the less!  My wonderful son, who watched his sisters all afternoon and into the evening took these!  I wish he were in the picture too!

 The day after the race we went into Bryce National Park.  It was stunning and I even got my hobbling ass out of the car to look out over all the view points!

 My wonderful son!

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