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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Daily Mile & Lift

Well, I'm back at it in full swing!  I'm not really training for anything (even though I'm signed up for Mid Mountain Marathon on September 13th) but just back to my running life as usual.  I've yet to run farther than three miles, but I want to make sure I'm feeling 100% solid before I go venturing out on some long adventure. 
Monday I ran three miles at Crestwood Park where I saw two different foxes!  One took off like a bat out of hell, but the other just hung out in the field watching me and Ozzy, my dog. Then I trained chest and hips (yes, I know strange combo) at the gym with Jeff. 
Today I got up early for leg day after visiting the physical therapist and having him tell me my quads are so dominant that they spill over the sides of my legs.  Hello hamstrings!  Straight leg dead lifts and leg curls, check!
Maybe tomorrow I'll get wild and try four miles!

3 miles
11:10 average pace 

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