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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Tips for Fitting Fitness in your Life

I have been thinking a lot about making time for health and fitness.  You are busy, I know!  I am very busy all the time!  I have three kids, volunteer in my kids school twice a week, volunteer as the Social Media Manager for TrailandUltraRuning.com, and am now working as a personal trainer as well! I find my days to be jam packed and have little time for many things that I used to have in my life.  Here are a few of my tips for fitting exercise into your busy life!

Tip #1. What can you Eliminate? 

For me that means (mostly) no television.  I used to watch TV every day and now I only do on a rare occasion, or while multitasking (i.e. on the stair mill or while washing dishes!).  Also eliminated? An immaculate house.  But if we're being 100% honest, my house was never really that spotless before, either.  What are some things you can leave out in order to make health and fitness a priority?  Can you cut back or eliminate TV?  What about social media? Anything else?

Tip #2.  Schedule it in!

We all have things on the calendar that we only fit into our lives because we put it into our hectic schedules.  Sit down and look at your schedule.  Where can you schedule yourself in? Early morning?  Lunch break?  After the kids are in bed? I like to plan my workout week each weekend so I know exactly when I'll be going to the gym each day. Make yourself a priority and add yourself to the calendar!

Tip #3.  Include the Family

Is it unrealistic to be away from your children at certain times of day?  Or maybe you have a baby at home.  Include the kids in your workout!  You can include the kids in your home workout and there are many activities that children can come along for; hiking, walking, and biking to name a few.  And don't be afraid of the gym!  Many gyms have daycare facilities and some even allow babes in arms to accompany their parents!  Don't be afraid to shop around if you're looking for a gym.  Find one that fits your needs. 

Tip #4. Be Realistic.

Set realistic goals for yourself.  Don't plan to go from not working out at all to working out for an hour six days a week!  You will be setting yourself up for failure.  Start with attainable goals, such as taking a 20 minute walk three days a week.  After you get into the routine of exercising it's easier to gradually add more variety, more often!

Tip #5.  Hire a Personal Trainer

You saw this one coming, right?  Having someone to lay out a plan for you, help you with proper form (and nutrition!) and help you with attainable goals is priceless!  And let's not forget accountability!  We're all much more likely to do something if we've a.) paid for it b.) have told someone we would c.) know someone is waiting on us.  I can help you set attainable goals and reach them! 

Mostly importantly, remember that you are important!  You are setting an example for your children, your nieces and nephews. Make yourself a priority!

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