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Friday, June 20, 2014

Hostess 100

A runner friend of mine, Cory AKA Fast Cory recently decided to make his 10th 100 mile run a solo venture from Salt Lake City to Provo and back.  He named it the Hostess 100.  Little did he know that so many of us would want in on some of the fun.  A couple girlfriends and I headed out to meet up with Cory on my birthday, so it was doubly fun!  The Hostess Birthday party run!

Well, of course, I made myself cupcakes for my birthday and brought some to share!  Cherri, Cory and Jennilyn cruising up State Street.

What birthday run is complete without a Slurpee?

Maureen stopped to cheer Cory on!

Whaaaaaat's uuuuup!?


Best impromptu birthday gift ever!  Jennilyn found this discarded, deflated balloon tangled in some flowers on the side of the road.  She didn't actually mean to pull up the flowers, but hey... Bonus!  Thanks Jennilyn!

Then in the wee hours of the morning Cherri and I headed back out for round two.  Who doesn't love running in the middle of the night with friends!?

Day 1 7.12 miles 1:39 
Day 2 9-9.5ish milesIt's pretty awesome to have so many fun running friends to help a girl celebrate her birthday (again)!  Cory finished that 10th 100 miles (CONGRATULATIONS CORY!) and you can read about it here.

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