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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Rest & Recovery

The week after Bryce I felt I'd been hit by a mac truck I did nothing.  No, that's not true.  I hobbled around like a drunken sailor, iced my legs, soaked in Epsom salts, foam rolled and ate like... like... well, like I just ran fifty miles.  Cookies.  Cake.  Carne Asada.  I worked hard at replacing calories and taking care of my body.  By Saturday the swelling and bruising were gone and I mostly wasn't limping any more.  I was also itching to move my body.  I hit the gym Saturday, Monday and Wednesday.  Monday I actually got up early in an attempt to hike, but I just wasn't ready so after 3/4 miles I left Corner Canyon and went to the gym.  Then there was my epic fail of a bike ride on Tuesday.  Overall, I've been doing great.  I have been sleeping in a lot.  I visited the chiropractor and massage therapist which was miraculous!  I'm really looking forward to running, but I'm trying really hard to be patient.  My IT bands are still tight, so I want to give them plenty of time to chill.  Soon enough.  The mountains aren't going anywhere...

Jeff, killing it, as usual.

 Hike.  Psych!

 Oh yeah, and my nails are dropping like flies!

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