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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Blood, Sweat & Selfies

Fifteen glorious Pipeline miles with my best adventure running friend!  I love that place.  Despite a couple of bikers that almost ran us off the trail, it was a great day!  Now that Katherine is back, we've taken every opportunity to get into the mountains together!

My taste buds love it.  My stomach turns into a giant fart machine not so much.

Oops, I cut off your head!  #trailandultra

Katherine took a fall.  Unfortunately, it wasn't her first.

Hey, bikers!  Be courteous!  Yield to pedestrians! 
15+ miles in who knows how long!  I've sort of quit counting this summer and it's been kind of nice to just run what I can and not stress the numbers so much!


  1. Damn though- that Katherine chick has hot legs! #twerkoncliff #BARFpostsanonymous

  2. I haven't tried the maple bacon flavor gel, I am curious now. Sounds like you had a good run with the added agility drills of dodging Mtn Bikers. :)


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