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Sunday, August 3, 2014

You've Been Kidnapped

When a runner friend breaks her ankle and is sad, can't get up and can't go run trails what do you do?  Take her on a trail run, of course!  Anf by trail run I mean take her to eat eggs and bacon and watch the sunrise with lots of chairs, pillows and Lortab.  Jennilyn had the awesome idea to take Kristyan to the mountains for breakfast, so we collaborated with Kritstyan's husband and did an early morning abduction.

Wake up, Kristyan!  I know it's 5am, but get in the van and don't ask questions!

 Jennilyn, chef extraordinaire.

 Goofing off is good for you.


 Jennilyn showing off her assets. Those are hundred mile winning glutes!

I hope we made your healing time just a little bit better, my friend!  Heal quickly!!!

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  1. You two are the best in all the land! This will remain one of the sweetest things any friend has ever done for me. I love you crazies!


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