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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Adventure Time

So, my son and I decided to hike up Bells Canyon not realizing what a tough hike it is.  We also didn't really know how far it was to the upper reservoir.  We went over eight miles total, mostly hiking with a little running and didn't make it to the top.  We had a blast and decided to plan better for out next trip up Bells! 

 That's Lone Peak!

 Much of the climb looks like this.  Steep and rocky!

 After a few miles, as the trail becomes less defined, cairns mark the way.

 This picture does very little justice to the beauty of this giant moss covered boulder.

 There is a bit of a boulder scramble up high.

 Oh yeah, and did I mention that we got lost somewhere above this boulder field on the way back down?  Yeah.  We did.  The oh my GAWD we're going to have to get search and rescue called on our dumb asses slight panic, scramble and then retrace our steps until we found the trail again kind.

Five and a half hours later we were back at the car.  We were tired, dirty, hungry, thirsty and talking non stop about doing it again the next weekend!

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