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Thursday, June 23, 2016

My Second Figure Competition

I did it!  My second figure competition!  I competed in the Salt City Championships (the same show as last year).  It was SO fun and I am thrilled with my placings!  I brought home trophies in all three categories I entered.  
2nd Place in the Masters
3rd Place in the Novice
4th Place in the Open (the toughest, and the trophy I'm most proud of!)

Here is a bit of the behind the scenes.... 

The night before.  ABS!
 Getting ready to head to prejudging.  My darling son, with tissue stuffed up his nose.  At least it gave me a good laugh!
 My awesome kids!
 In the truck on our way!  Jeff is the best coach on stage day! 

 Got my number at the day of, competitor check in. #70
The line up! These are in numerical order.  That's how we file onto stage.  

 Jeff, touching up my tan and getting me oiled up!
 It's really so much fun to be backstage with such an amazing group of women!  So many inspiring stories and so much love and support go around!


 Competition day happened to be my 40th Birthday!
 My friend and massage therapist, Alisha, right after I came off stage with my final trophy!  I was in tears!  So much joy!
 My coach, Jerry Shannon
 SkillPT trainer, Natalie and I.
Katherine!  Love this girl!
  I didn't quit grinning for about three days!  :D
 Last order of the night---> Birthday cake!

Thank you to everyone who supported me and encouraged me along the way!  Your kind words and support meant so much! 
Special thanks to: 
my husband, Jeff 
my three children, Kurtis, Lila, and Clarissa
my coach Jerry
team SkillPT trainers Kenzie & Natalie
my sister from another mister, Katherine
my mom, Lois

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