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Saturday, February 9, 2013

End Panic Mode

Today was my second longest run ever! In both distance and time today was second only to my marathon!  First, I lucked out because the forecast had called for snow all day Friday and Saturday and it hadn't even started snowing yet. I started out feeling a but tight in my right calf and left hip, but felt better the longer I ran. I met up with Katherine and we ran 13 miles together, her longest run ever! She was fabulous!  After leaving Katherine, I headed back up toward my house.  I had an hour and a half left to go and the trek from Katherine's house up to 9400 South is pretty rough going.  At the stop light I met another runner and as we waited for the incredibly long light we chatted about races.  She told me she'd be running her second marathon, the Salt Lake City Marathon in April and I told her about my race.  We wished each other luck when the light turned and we parted ways.  That was an incredible energy boost!  The rest of my run only got better.  I was feeling really fantastic and any tightness in my legs was long forgotten.  Katherine and I took a page out of Meghan's book and stopped a couple times to stretch.  I think that was a good call!  I really needed this run.  It was an incredible mental boost.  I'm feeling a thousand times more confidant about the Buffalo Run after this run!

I didn't mention that I was getting an awful blister under my toenail?  Well, I was. About mile nine we stopped at Harmon's and the pharmacist was so helpful and gave me a lance, some cotton and rubbing alcohol.  What a relief!  I felt much better after that and my foot didn't bother me any more.

21 miles
4 hr 25 min
12:37 pace

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