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Monday, February 18, 2013

Fabulous 14

Saturday morning was great. I love running long.  Especially in the sunshine! Katherine and I met up with the Wasatch Running Club at Draper Park at 7:15 am. It was a very nice group of people and we had a great run. Katherine was upping her mileage again was planning to do 14, her longest ever. About the time that she was feeling very tired, I was feeling really good, so it was fun to try to help motive her to the finish. She did great and we thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful sunny day!  We ran the Porter Rockwell Trail to the Draper Canal Trail.  I'd never been on the Canal Trail before. It's just the same as Porter Rockwell, but with some new scenery, which is always nice.
Roar!  Katherine was a beast!
Mr. Ed was watching all the runners.
Katherine, up ahead full of energy and making me work to keep up.
Ozzy is a great runner and has a blast on our long runs.
14 miles, baby!
Katherine was beat, but she did it!  Way to go Katherine!
Maybe some time this summer, my toenails will be whole again.  All I can say is, at least they're only colorful, not painful!

14.1 miles
2 h 49 m
12:02 pace

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