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Sunday, February 3, 2013

What Plan?

So, I haven't exactly been following the training plan I made.  But I think that's a good thing because I'm learning to listen to my body and also learning that a "set plan" isn't always doable.  Winter running conditions make it very difficult to run by miles, so running by time has basically taken over.  Perfect example; the race director for the Buffalo Run just posted the following on facebook:

Ok folks, here's an island trail report from yours truly. In a word, unrunnable, every trail. White Rock has been tracked somewhat, but the parking lot isn't plowed, so good luck there. Mountain View had no tracks at all, but I did see 5 horses and some cross country skiers as I was running back north along the road. In the eight years I've been running and volunteering out there I have never seen this much snow. It's 6"-12" deep on the mountain view trail. I did run 17 miles out there today, but it was on the ranch road. It was actually a fairly pleasant run. Very very quiet except for the occasional coyote. Not too much traffic. If we don't get some major melting going on this week, we'll probably end up running the ranch road for the training run next Saturday. Plus there's a 30% chance of snow that day. Feb. is usually the worst month weather-wise for the training runs. This one looks no different. Don't let the road scare you, it's certainly not as bad as running the roads in town. Hope to see a bunch of you out there next Saturday.

Thanks for that Jim.  It's nice to know that this winter really is harsh and I'm not a sissy.  This explains the reason it's taken me ridiculous amounts of time to run distances that weren't up to par.  Also, this totally and completely terrifies me that I will be far under trained for the 50K come March 23rd.  *Deep Breathes* I will continue to train following my plan somewhat and hope that it will be sufficient.

Time for week 12.

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