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Friday, January 17, 2014

Flex Friday

First off, you should know that I can barely walk today.  Leg day yesterday was awesome! Yoga this morning was also a killer. I've pretty much spent the rest of my day sitting around, foam rolling and eating! Ouch!  But, you know what I always say?  Pain you enjoy.  

Since the first of the year I've really been focusing on nutrition. I've upped my protein intake, completely cut out sugar and have been limiting prepackaged foods to a very small percentage of my diet. I've also been including lots more healthy fats: avocado, olive oil, eggs, nuts and seeds. I'm really determined to a.) build muscle b.) lose fat, and therefore c.) have totally visible abs!  

My weight loss goal has also shifted.  I was focusing on losing weight with the mindset that less weight would equal less fat.  However, after getting down to, and maintaining 132-133lbs I realize that with a goal of less fat, more muscle I will weigh more, not less.  So, I'm watching the scale less and watching what I put in my mouth more.  I've gotten down to 17.7% body fat (down from 23% in June 2012 & 19% in September 2013) which means less fat, more muscle!  

Now, for the fun part where I act like a self absorbed nerd and post pictures of myself flexing.  Enjoy!

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