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Saturday, January 11, 2014

WOD Part 2: I Heart Leg Day

I love leg day!  Last night Jeff and I went to my gym and had a grand time beefing up the stems.  I was thrilled that I can now do the hack squat machine.  The last time I stepped into it I couldn't even push the sled up once!  Yesterday I did four whole sets!  Plus, I upped my squat PR by ten pounds (75#)!

The routine:
Warm up: 12 minutes on the stair machine
Leg extension
Leg curl
Sumo barbell squat
Hack Squat
Donkey calf raise

My increased strength propelled me to go looking through some photos and lookie, lookie!  
You can see the strength increase!!  
Now that's what I call hard work paying off!


  1. pretty sure you are going to kick my butt racing this year!


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