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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunny Saturday

Last week Round Valley was so fun that Katherine, Lindsay and I decided to go check it out again.  Yesterday was cold, but much warmer than last week.  Not sure where my mojo went, because I felt like a slug for most of the run.  Luckily, with these ladies running is always fun!

Lindsay's turn to get in on the tire swing action!

Shake that thing!

We opted for Matt's Flat.  However, Matt's Flat is not flat!
The sign told me to go slow, so I obliged.  

My girls!
Go, Speedy K!!!

Some photos from Katherine.  Her Nokia has really great resolution.  I'm a little jealous!
I don't even remember why I was laughing so hard.  But, does it even matter?  Joy!
Umm... Yeah.
We actually do run!
Then I came home and made these blueberry protein pancakes.  Mmm!  Where's the peanut butter!?

5.7 miles
15:26 average pace


  1. Replies
    1. I want more blueberry pancakes now. Mmmm

  2. I complained SO MUCH on this run, but now looking back I'm like, "Oh yeah- this was a blast!" Haha, that's why good pictures are important. They help you remember just the good parts;-)

    1. I felt EXACTLY the same way! The whole run I felt like a slug, even though I had fun I didn't realize how much fun until I posted this!


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