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Monday, November 12, 2012

Daily Mile

I wasn't sure when or if I would manage to get a run in today, but I worked it in.  I had about 40 minutes, so I figured I'd just run as far I could in that time.  Ozzy came with me and we headed out into the neighborhood at about 2:25p this afternoon.  It was partly sunny and pretty crisp, about 32 degrees.  I was feeling great and finished 4.13 miles in 41:20, a 10 minute/mile pace!  Hell yeah!  I guess I need to chase Katherine more often!  Now that I think of it,  more often will be tomorrow morning at 8:45am.  I've got five miles of chasing fun to look forward to!  

Note to self: you did quite a bit of foam rolling this morning, so maybe that helped too.  


  1. Watch out tomorrow!

    1. Good thing I know it's you, Katherine, or I might be worried! Lol


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